What Makes Our Wholesale LED Lights Unique?

The current market of LED lighting is incredibly vibrant, which makes it vitally important that you set yourself apart from the rest, The high quality of our fresh lighting equipment with numerous, forward-looking details and the significantly more sustainable production can be found only with LEDVANCE. So what sets our products as a wise choice for both consumers and environmental-conscious businesses?
Cutting-Edge Efficiency
Our LED lights reach an unbeatable 150 lumens per watt. That compares to an industry average of about 100 lumens per watt. This means better efficiency, which directly correlates lower energy consumption — all translating to savings in electricity bills for users as well as reducing carbon footprint.
Advanced Thermal Management
Thermal Management — One of the most important aspects of an LED light is the thermal management which means the way it disperse heat in led light to ensure long life and high output performance. Our solutions emplean un complejo sistema de gestión del calor, que incluye disipadores de calor de alta calidad y materiales innovadores para garantizar que nuestros LED funcionen más fríos y duren más que muchos de la competencia. This system then means our lights now have a lifespan quickly approaching 50,000 operating hours.
Customizable Solutions
Realizing that not all designs are the same, we provide tailored LED services. Luminaires can be ordered with light temperature, CRI, beam angle and whether or a not a dimmer is included. This autonomy ensures our clients such fine tuning of their lights that they will be able to create beautiful and useful systems to liberate their property orchestration.
Robust Build Quality
Designed to brave the harshest of climates our LEDs are built to last. Housed in rugged IP65-rated enclosures, they are fully dust-tight and water-resistant, and can be used in environments including both indoor and outdoor applications. This durable design also allows our lights to sustain top performance under the most extreme of conditions.

Eco-Friendly Production
We are all about sustainability in our products and that does not change with how we produce them. Our Manufacturing is waste-free and we use recyclable materials. Our buildings are environmentally friendly and operate on renewable energy, which contributes to our Green-Tech company mentality.

Competitive Pricing
As always, this gives you the premium features you are used to but at a competitive pricing. Using stateful production methods and effective logistic processes we manufacture our products cost-effective at high quality levels. Our LED lights make an excellent affordable lighting solution for business that want to improve quality of light while still being budget conscious.
Industry-Leading Warranties
That SolaDeck-backed confidence also carries the best warranties around, up to a full five years. This warranty period is longer than the typical three-year warranty many others in the industry offer, offering our customers peace of mind and assurance in their purchase.
Your Reliable Wholesale LED Lighting Source
Our LED lights are here to stay and we want you to take advantage of our offer to deliver unmatched efficiency — converting energy into useful light as well as the longevity offered by our…. Our lights are perfect for outfitting a large commercial facility, or even for the more discerning shopper with a desire for high-quality, and environmentally-friendly lighting.
Every LED lights feature is created with our customer in consideration; this ranges from its cost-effectiveness to its impact on the environment. It is this attention to detail and this ongoing dedication to both the quality of what we offer and to optimal sustainability which makes our range of wholesale LED lights simply better than most on the openWe establish an open market and develop our clients.Shop Wholesale LED Lights

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